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newsletter 04/2012
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Industrial Storage Tanks produces quality bolted tanks in stainless steel, galvanized steel and coated steel. Our team has produced and mounted over 1500 tanks for more than 300 clients in 54 countries.

Our tanks will meet the requirements for all your application needs ranging from water processing, sprinkler, agricultural or waste water solutions to rain water storage, ventilation and fermentation systems.

We are headquartered in Belgium, but produce, deliver and mount tanks across the entire world with dedicated and experienced construction teams.


Aquarama 55 - IST builds coated buffertank for Belgian brewers
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image014image016 One of the many advantages of bolted storage tanks is the possibility to increase or decrease the capacity of a tank when the requirement for storage in the process changes.
We recently increased the capacity of an aeration tank from 1.425
cbm to 1.700 cbm by adding an extra ring of 1m on a ø18,41m tank, and this in just 1 week time!
In addition we took the opportunity to clean the entire tank and restore it in its original condition. After 12 years of continuous operation, the tank is now back in its original state and is again good to go for many years. This at low cost and minimal downtime!

Older tanks, which might have been out of use for a long time and are now put back into service, or tanks in which aggressive substances have affected the tightness of the seams, can be easily repaired. Whenever you start noticing small leaks across the edges of the sheets, contact us as soon as possible so we can determine the cause of the leaks. Probably we can repair the leaks fast en at minimal cost so your tank is good as new!

With our experience we can even do repairs on tanks which were not built by IST, so contact us for all your tank-related issues.

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